Care Plus...! Why?

Why the need for Care Plus?

At Shoreham Dental Centre, we are trying out best to provide a service where we don't have to turn people away.
Sadly we have a cap on how much NHS work we can do and we monitor this all through the year. Because we are not taking on new NHS patients, we are turning people away. We don't like turning people away that are in need of Dental Care. That's why we have launched our brand new service called "Care Plus". This way we no longer have to turn patients away and we can keep people smiling.

Why would I choose Care Plus over NHS?

Perfectly valid question.
Well we have developed care plus from the ground up, we have created the service to be competitively priced. I such a way that it is comparable to NHS prices. To the right is our price list. Although we cant compete fully with the NHS pricing structure. We are trying our best to be as closely matched as possible.

What makes it more tempting than NHS

Ok, so here are where some of the best benefits come into play.
As we already said, Care Plus has been developed from the ground up and because of this we have designed to benefit you, the patient.
Firstly we have allowed for more emergency slots reserved for Care Plus patients only. We then restructured the business totally so that we can open extra early and close well into the evening and we have even started doing saturdays, although just 2 a month, we really hope that we can start to offer a lot more. So these extra early and late evening slots! what makes them great is they are reserved just for Care Plus patients and allow you to be seen with out having to take time off work.
Starting to make sense?

I am Currently Registered as an NHS patient, can I be seen on the new extended opening hours?

As an NHS patient No, however we still don't like to say stop people from getting the best service. So you can be seen at these times but that Emergency visit or Treatment Course will be charged via Care Plus and you will be subject to the Care Plus Service Policy and not NHS. Once you have finished that course of treatment you can happily been seen again as an NHS patient during NHS hours.

How Much Does it Cost?


This is inclusive of any further tests required such as Digital X Rays, Pulp Testing, Scale & Polish if required, advice etc.


A diagnosis and temporary measures to get you out of pain, adjustments of fillings, crowns etc. If you require a prescription this will be an additional £5.

From £30 Per Filling

Fillings are from £30 per filling and discount is applied to each additional filling required up to a maximum of 40% Discount. The standard filling is similar to the NHS provided Fillings. Prices are also based on size and complexity.

White Fillings (Cosmetic)
From £60

White Fillings offer the best solution as an aesthetic option.
Also if you would rather not have amalgam then this is your best choice. As with our standard fillings, we can provide discounts if more than one is required.

From £40 per tooth

If an extraction is the only option or your choice, the cost is per tooth and dependant on the difficulty of the extraction.
Additional discount is offered if more than a single extraction is required.

Root Canal Treatment
From £60 Per Tooth

RCT is the best option to save a tooth, it is treatment often that used when you suffering from infections. The cost is based on the complexity of the Root, the Dentist will give you a final price based on their clinical opinion.

Crowns & Inlays
From £175 Per Item

Additional discount is available it more than one is required, the dentist will decide on the final cost and the type of Crown or Inlay is optional depending on your choice, these options will be given to you with the full costs.

From £190

Starting price is for a standard plastic denture, additional options and types of dentures are available, you will be given the choice of alternative types by your dentist and the final decision is yours.